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Why Am I So Damn Tired?

Are you tired of feeling tired?  It seems like so many women in middle age have this complaint.  We have families to raise, career ladders to climb, houses to care for, aging parents to look after as well. All of these responsibilities can be exhausting,...

Getting In Touch with Our Innate Inner Wisdom

What I Learned About Health from Native Amazon Tribes When I was organizing a trip through a Amazon rainforest on a boat to deliver medical care to the people there, I became acutely aware of a stark difference between our cultures: our healthcare is incredibly...

My Doctor Only Listened to Me for 10 Minutes

Integrative Health Coaching Helps You Get the Health Care that You Deserve If you have ever had a complicated medical problem, or have been suffering with a condition for many years, or you have some mysterious symptoms, you have most likely been frustrated by the lack...

Don’t Let PMS Run Your Life

In our house, periods seem to be a big DEAL. My teenage step-daughter will often exclaim, "LEAVE ME ALONE! IT'S SHARK WEEK!" Her brother will then respond by backing away slowly with a wide-eyed expression and retreating to a safe location...

Conquering the 3 AM wake-up call

Sleep. It is something we all need and yet most of us struggle to achieve. Sleep-deprivation is often used as a tool to torture prisoners, train medical residents and military recruits to overcome their own bodies' needs supposedly to serve others, and has...

Kick the cold virus….NOW

Tis the season for sniffles and sneezes. Sore throats, congestion, coughs, and snot in yellow and green. We all have so much on our to-do list...

Taming Anxiety without Addictive Substances

Imagine a gazelle, peacefully grazing in a field of grass. Suddenly the animal notices something moving out of the corner of its eye. Its hair stands up and its body suddenly goes on high alert as it sees a lion coming towards it....

Do I Really Need to Take Anti-Depressants?

Whether you are just surviving a nasty break-up, getting used to a new job, trying to manage a household of small tyrants, or just feel down in the dumps for no reason, life can certainly make us all feel depressed at one time or another. Depression...